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Website Portfolio ListingThis page details the most recent website designs we have performed. All designs are Copyright Yare Valley Technical Services, and all websites are designed and implemented using web standards. Note that roughly half of the web systems we design are internal corporate information systems and as such are not available to the public - hence cannot be linked from our public portfolio.

East Anglia Sound and Light
East anglia sound and light hire provides PA, sound and lighting equipment for venues and events such as bands, parties and outdoor public events.

The Terrace Cafe. Proud Purveyors of Fresh Homemade Good Food.
Web: theterracecafe.org
The Terrace Cafe serves lunches, and caters for Takeaways and Business Lunches on the St. Andrews Business Part in Norwich.

Pho-printing, a Europe-wide photo and poster printing service.
Pho-printing prints a veriety of images from either their own library or the customer's photos. they can print an A4 picture or a 10 metre roll of mural wallpaper, and anything in between.

Worlingworth Local History Group
The Worlingworth Local History Group was formed in early 2007. The constitution gives the purpose of the Group as "to research the history of the parish of Worlingworth and, when and where appropriate, to disseminate the findings to interested parties via whatever means may be appropriate".

Local Lady Gardener, Catherine Sergent
This is a website showing the area and examples of the work of Catherine Sergent, a local lady gardener.

Nigel Alexandre
Prestigious Hair Salons in Norwich and Dereham. This website is intended to echo the marble feel of the salon.

The Staymaker
A website offering a bespoke service making period clothing and corsetry for the modern woman.

Tristan Scott Personal
Tristan Scott's personal website. This website is used for articles, and useful tools (such as the keyword cloud generator used to check the frequency of keywords on a website)
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